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标题Super Gloss Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor
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Epoxy resin adhesive 120-2AB is transparent type, can be cured at room temperature or warming. After curing, the surface is flat, the gloss is good, no bubbles, and there are many different specifications according to the thickness of the glue, anti-yellowing performance, curing time, ratio, etc..

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120-2AB specially designed for 3D floors, metallic floor.

Epoxy120-2A | Hardener120-2B
Appearance 120-2A 120-2B
Color Transparent Transparent
Specific gravity | 25℃g/cm3 1.12±0.1 0.9±0.1
Viscosity25℃ 8000±500 mpa.s 160-±30 mpa.s
Usable Method Mixing Ratio A:B=3:1(Weigh Ratio)
Usable time 25℃×30-40minutes
Hardening conditions 25℃×8-12 hours or 60℃×3hours

Epoxy Primer(srape or roller) Epoxy Middle Coat Epoxy Top Coat Metallic Color Pigments
4kgs Kit, 20kgs Kit, 4kgs Kit, 1kg
A: 32kgs, B: 1kg A: 15kgs, B: 5kgs A: 4kgs, B: 1kg
200 sq.ft/m2 200 sq.ft/m2 200 sq.ft/m2 600 sq.ft/m2

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