Professional Wax Heater / Warmer For Sale
Professional Wax Heater / Warmer For Sale

When summer comes, too much body hair will annoy the people who love beauty. After all, it is a very embarrassing thing for them to show body hair when wearing some exposed and cool clothes. Wax heater is the killer of body hair.

Now there are a lot of hair removal technology, using wax heater is a very popular choice in the market.

There Are Many Advantages Of Wax Heater:

  1. The intensity of hot wax depilatoryis relatively strong, and it can be depilated thoroughly by using wax heater;
  2. The biggest advantage of using wax heateris that it is easy to operate and can remove body hair at one time;
  3. The duration of hair removal is relatively longafter using wax heater. Generally speaking, it can last about two or three months

Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer (Guangzhou) is a professional wax heater manufacturer. Our wax heaters adopt advanced technology, with complete functions, they are safe and reliable, and they have good quality.

Our wax heater adds one more inner pot for depilatory wax, and the temperature can reach 80 or 105 degrees, which is a good helper for fast depilatory.

It should be noted that before hot wax depilatory, the wax should be put in the depilatory wax pot and fully heated, and then evenly applied to the skin after heating.

Before applying it to the skin, you need to keep the skin dry. After applying it to the skin, stick it with wax paper for about ten minutes, and then you can tear it at one time. The skin will become very smooth without any hair.

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